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III Reich decorations

The decorations of the Germany of the III Reich are perhaps the most studied field of militaria and with more specialized publications.
The famous combat operations and historical events in which they were awarded, make many collectors decide to make a collection of medals of the III Reich.
From the famous Iron Cross to the simplest medals, these are undoubtedly some of the best designed decorations produced during World War II.

War merit cross

Iron cross

German cross

kvk1_ce1 3_reich cruzalemana  

East front medal

Westwall medal

Honour cross

Medal 1 Oktober 1938

1 muro1 combatientes_1 sudetes

Medal of the annexation of Austria

Medal of the annexation of Memel

Blue division medal

Italo-german african campaign medal

austria1 memel da1 italogermana1

Infantry assault badge

General assault badge

Wound badge

Panzer assault badge

asalto_infanteria asalto_general herido panzer

Mother's cross

Long service to State medals

Volkspflege medal

Luftschutz medal

cruzoro1 estado251 volkspflege luftschutz