Specialists in military collections, militaria and reenactment.

About us:

In our online store you will find awards and original militaria from different countries and eras, as well as a large selection of items for reenactment and specialized books on history and military collecting. Our store is divided into several sections:

In the Militaria section you can find military and civil decorations from Japan, the Soviet Union, Spain, the United States, the extinct Yugoslavia ... etc. all our orders and medals are guaranteed as original. Also in this section you can find award documents and other articles related to decorations.

In the Reenactment section our specialty is the exclusive lines of reproductions of German military, civil and political caps, helmets and Pickelhaube of the First and Second World War, many of the caps that you can find in our store are limited editions and very little seen in the international market. From hussars, artillery, infantry, cavalry and helmets caps of World War I to caps of the Kriegsmarine, SS, Wehrmacht, TENO, Polizei, Gendarmerie, RMBO, NSDAP, etc and many other interesting items for reenactment, cinema and museums .

In the Bookstore section we offer you books from excellent publishers such as Militaria Verlag, HRM Ediciones, Desperta Ferro, etc. dedicated to Military History.

In the Wiki section you will find an interesting database on collecting that we will expand periodically.

In our Blog, you can also find interesting articles, some of them have served as the basis for our "wiki" section, our purpose with these last two sections is to offer our colleagues educational information with which to learn about phaleristics, reenactment, uniformology, etc.

We offer these items for the purposes of collecting and dissemination and historical research, not for political reasons, or for the promotion of any type of totalitarian regime, whatever it may be.