Soviet "3 sapper-engineers brigade" senior sergeant, researched group

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Description: Soviet "3 sapper-engineers brigade" senior sergeant, researched group, including copies of Russian Military Archive and the complete translation to english. 

-Awards book

-Order of Red Star, number: 1.363.944, awarded in 1945 because "The starshina working as a commander of the vehicle repair department of the independent company was shown as a highly qualified commander who has a lot of practical experience and knowledge In the field of vehicle repair, due to its good organization and diversification of the workforces, the deadlines for repairs were abruptly shortened; vehicle repair is carried out in a precise, organized and uninterrupted manner.

The correct technical direction and the fact of knowing how to use internal resources, human and material resources allow to reduce the workload of the vehicle repair, including capital repair, for two years no vehicle has had to be sent to the factories of the industry, the great merit belongs to Bolotsky, the organization and adjustment of the repair of the vehicle park, after the change of location of the brigade and its units of the 3rd Belarusian front.

In a short time with a precise and correct organization of the repairs, the park was completely repaired. "

-Military Merit medal, number: 284.054, awarded in 1943 because "in combat conditions being a member of the 133 vehicle field repair base. Comrade Bolotsky, organizing and encouraging his subordinates with his personal example, carried out difficult tasks combat, carrying out repairs of combat vehicles in the vanguard, under enemy fire where he was wounded.

Thanks to his high knowledge of his trade and his skills, being in the brigade of sapper-engineers in the harsh winter conditions, not counting on his strength and health, not recognizing day and night, comrade Bolotsky in good faith, carried out the difficult repairs of the vehicles, thus ensuring compliance with the combat tasks of the brigade.

On his own initiative, he took care of the repair of several captured vehicles, and thanks to his good faith and ingenuity, in conditions of almost total absence of material and possibilities, he successfully repaired the captured vehicles.

For the repair of the combat vehicles he received a cash prize. "

A genuine combat soviet WWII researched group!!

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