Soviet "410 Riflemen Regiment" sergeant group



Description: Soviet "410 Riflemen Regiment" sergeant group, squad commander of communications, 98 heavy howitzer artillery brigade. Researched group, including copies of Russian Military Archive and the complete translation to english. 

-Awards book

-Order of Glory 3th Class, number 674.483, awarded during the the offensive battle, comrade Taranenko who displayed heroism on July 24, 1944, when the enemy's infantry tried to attack our units, along with three machine gunners outflanked the enemy's infantry and started to destroy the enemy's infantry from their submachine guns. As a result they managed to bar the way and encircle up to thirty german soldiers and officers. At the battle, Taranenko personally killed 22 german soldiers and captured 4 soldiers. The remaining enemy infantry retrated in panic and was inmediately destroyed.

-Order of Glory 3th Class, number 485.821, awarded becuase: on april 19, 1945, the enemy aiming at hampering our attack, started strong artillery fire and bombardment on the crossing place of the river Spree. It also continuosly damaged communication lines. The brae squad commander Taranenko crossed the river 3 times and for eight times restored the broken communication lines. Due to comrade Taranenko courage they were able to keep firing with the enemy to suffer great losses, so the enemy left its positions. 

On April 21, 1945, comrade Taranenko moved with the 270 Rifle regiment, maintained 24 hour communication, informed on the targets, which prevented our army movement. Within just one day, scorning death, he connected eleven disconnected lines. The same day with his subordinate he started a unequal battle with german submachine gunners and killed 4 germans from his personal gun.

-Medal for valor, number: 1.266.176, awarded "for being all the time with the military disposition and correcting fire of the battery at the battle of Taganrog on February 9, 1943. As a result two mortar batteries and two blindages of the enemy were destroyed. In this battle comrade Taranenko was heavily wounded but left on the battle field and continued correcting fire.

-Medal for capture of Prague with award document

-Medal for capture of Berlin with award document

-Medal for victory over Germany with award document

-Medal for 20th anniversary of the Victory in the Patriotic War with award document.

-Medal for 30th anniversary of the Victory in the Patriotic War with award document.

-Medal for 50th anniversary of the Soviet Armed Forces with award document

-Medal labour veteran with award document.

A genuine combat soviet WWII group!!

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