Descrição: Grupo Sovietico (2ª Guerra Mundial)

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Description: Soviet World War II lieutenant group, commander of a mortars platoon of the 960 Rifle regiment, 299 Rifle division.

-Awards book: (signed 1-3-1943)

-Order of Red Star, number: 295.188, silver and silver screwback, awarded because "the platoon commander Fomenko, in the battles against the German conquerors showed courage and valour, for 3 days, from January 15 to 18, 1943 his platoon annihilated a heavy machine gun, two anti-tank guns, 7 fortified shelters and around 50 Hitlerites. Coming personally to the prompter position, Comrade Fomenko had a successful shot at an enemy armored vehicle. With his combat actions and his absence of fear he encouraged his subordinates. He was wounded in combat. "

-Order of Red Banner of Labour, number: 613.318, silver.

-Defense of Stalingrad medal, 1st variation, with award document.

-Order of Patriotic War 1st class, M1985, with award document.

-x2 ribbon bars.


All decorations included in this group are in very good condition.

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