Soviet "127th Guard Rifle Regiment" sergeant, researched group



Description: Soviet "127th Guard Rifle Regiment" sergeant, researched group, including copies of Russian Military Archive and the complete translation to english. 

-Awards book

-Order of Red Star, number: 3.001.582,"In the right coast of the Dnieper, under enemy fire, risking his life, he repaired 14 damages in the line, ensuring the communications of his units.  In an enemy attack with a superior infantry units supported with a high number of tanks, he and the vanguard units repeled the enemy counterattacks and (he) killed 4 german soldiers. 

-Valor Medal, number 1.812.637, in the combats near village () in the Soviet Socialist Republic of Lithuania, on 22-12-1944 he showed valour and gallantry, and he killed 2 enemy soldiers with a machine gun.

A genuine combat soviet WWII researched group!!

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