Soviet sergeant, 133 Rifle Division, mortars company, researched group



Description: Soviet sergeant Baidannikov, 133 Rifle Division, mortars company (rifleman and radio operator), researched group, including copies of Russian Military Archive and the complete translation to english. 

-Military officer's ID (1964)

-Order of Glory 3rd Class, number: 50.429, ""While fighting in the Kiev region on January 17, 1944, Baidannikov, a sighter fro a 82mm mortar, showed cold bloodedness when he destroyed 2 eenmy machine gun nests and it's crew. He also destroyed 6 carriages of enemy supplies and the german soldiers accompanying those supplies in addition to destroying some mines. 

-Order of Red Star, number: 946.357 "He kept excellent communication line between regiment and battalion. While repulsing enemy attack he killed 3 germans.

-Valor Medal, number 872.082 "While being encircled by the enemy, comrade Baidannikov kept open an uninterrupted communication line with the regimental command. While repulsing the enemy counterattack, he killed 3 germans.

A genuine combat soviet WWII researched group!!

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