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Our intention is to provide our fellow collectors with a series of catalogs of awards from various eras and countries in order to help them catalog their decorations in the exciting world of military collecting.


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The collection of decorations or phaleristics, is a discipline within the military collecting really interesting, as well as unmanageable, both for its breadth and the almost infinite ways to collect these medals, either by country, era, conflict, type, etc..


The value of a collection

In addition to the gratification of making a collection with the passage of time, with the research and learning that goes with it, we must not forget that they are antiques and as such, they are investment goods that year by year gain value, even the most modest collection is able to revalue in really high percentages over the years.
Our recommendation is that the collection of decorations is taken as an exciting hobby and personal enjoyment, leaving aside the issues of future investment, which although they must be taken into account, are not the main objective of a collection. However, if we encourage to document as much as possible, not only of the pieces, but of their historical context, thus providing at the same time that we make the collection, a solid base of historical knowledge.
When cataloging the collection, we propose to follow the following example, explained in this article of our blog.