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Our intention is to provide our fellow collectors with a series of catalogs of decorations from various eras and countries in order to help them catalog their awards in the exciting world of military collectibles.

Orders and medals of Japan

The japanese decorations begin their history during the Meiji Restoration in the 1870s, their orders and medals are closely linked to traditional Japanese iconography, such as orders such as the Order of the Rising Sun or of the Sacred Treasure, the Order of the Golden Kite, etc, These articles are intended to bring this field of  phaleristic.  In this section you can find information and images of some of these decorations, in the near future we will be adding articles and sections on different  military and civil decorations and medals. 


Orders of Japan


Order of the Chrysanthemum

Order of the Paulownia flowers

Order of the rising sun

Order of the crown

orden_del_crisantemo Orden de las flores de Paulownia orden_sol_naciente The_Order_of_the_Precious_Crown,_Apricot_3

Order of the Sacred Treasure

Order of Golden Kite

Order of Merit of the Red Cross

Order of Culture

ClipDrop_2022-07-10_at_16.45.26 milano_dorado orden_cruz_roja orden_cultura


Conmemorative medals of Japan


Imperial Constitution Promulgation commemorative medal 

Meiji Emperor 25th wedding

anniversary commemorative medal 

Imperial Capital RehabilitationCommemorative Medal

Imperial Crown prince voyage to Korea

constitucion Japanese_medals_Meiji-Emperor-25th-Wedding 8jvqaMPk6rz4eiiyfjw0


Medal for the 2600th anniversary of the founding of the

Japanese Empire

Korea annexation medal

First census medal

Inner Mongolia National Foundation Merit Medal

20200928_173310 anexion_de_corea censo inner_mongolia_1

Taisho Enthronement commemorative medal

Showa Enthronement commemorative medal

taisho coronacion_showa    


Military medals in Japan


Formosa expedition medal  1874

1st Sino-Japanese War Medal of 1894-1895 

Russo-Japanese War Medal 1904-1905

WW1 Victory medal





World war 1 1914-1920 medal

Manchurian Incident Medal 1934

China incident medal 1937

China incident medal 1937 (civil version)





Border incident medal 1939 (Nomonhan) 







Orders and medals of Manchukuo


Manchukuo - Order of Auspicious clouds

Manchukuo - Order of the Pillars of the State

Manchukuo - Census medal

Manchukuo - Enthronement commemorative medal 1935

ascension_a_las_nubes pilares_del_estado censo_mauchuluo coronacion_manchuluo

Manchukuo - National Shrine Foundation

Commemorative Medal

Manchukuo - National foundation conmemorative medal

Manchukuo - Red Cross medal

Manchukuo - Cultural revitalization medal

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