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Our intention is to provide our fellow collectors with a series of catalogs of awards from various eras and countries in order to help them catalog their decorations in the exciting world of military collecting.



Orders and medals of the Soviet Union

The orders and medals of the Soviet Union they are perhaps one of the most studied fields of phaleristics. Its great variety of decorations and variations make the decorations of the USSR an excellent option to make a medal collection . In this section you can find information and images of some of these decorations, in the near future we will be adding articles and sections on different military and civil decorations and medals.

Order of Victory

Order of Lenin

Hero Star

Work hero Star





Order of Nakhimov

Order of Ushakov

Order of Suvorov

Order of Bogdam Khemelnitsky

nakhimov ushakov suvorov bogdam

Order ofthe October Revolution

Order of the Red Star

Order of Aleksandr Nevsky

Order of Glory

orden_de_la_revolucion_de_octubre orden_estrella_roja_1 nevsky gloria

Order of Patriotic War

Order of People's friendship

Order of Labour Glory

Order of Red Banner of Labour





Star of Mother Heroine

Order of Maternal glory

Order Of Red Banner

Order for Personal Courage

madre_heroina maternidad1c1 bandera_roja OLMuzhA

Order for service to the

Motherland in the Armed Forces of the USSR


Order of honor

servicio_en_las_ffaa_ 20200429_185602    



Medal for bravery

Medal for combat merit

Medal of Ushakov

Medal of Nakhimov

medalla_al_valor merito_militar medalla_ushakov medalla_nakhimov

Medal for the defense of Stalingrad

Medal for the defense

of Kiev

Medal for the defense of Leningrad

Medal for the defense

of Moscow

P1200649_finale P1180647_finale P1200651_finale 2_variante_anverso

Medal for the defense

of Sevastopol

Medal for the defense of Caucasus

Medal fot the defense

of the soviet transpolar region

Medal for the defense

of Odessa

medalla de la defensa de Sebastopol caucaso1v v11 odessa

Medal fot the victory

over Japan

Medal for the victory

over Germany

Medal for valiant labour in the Great Patriotic War


medalla_victoria_sobre_japon_2_variante_1 v2 medalla_trabajo_valiente  

Medal for the liberation of Belgrad

Medal for the liberation of Prague

Medal for the liberation of Warsaw

MOsvBelgA praga varsovia  

Medal for the capture of


Medal for the capture of Königsberg

Medal for teh capture of


Medal for the capture of Wien

budapest1v1 konigsberg 20200214_190026 viena2v1

Medal for distinguished military service

Medal of veteran of the Armed Forces

Medal for distinction in Guarding the State border of the USSR

Medal of the partisans





Medal for Strengthening military cooperation

Medal for distinguished labour

Medal for valiant labour

Medal of work veteran

cooperacion_en_combate medalla_al_merito_en_el_trabajo medalla_al_valor_laboral veterano_del_trabajo