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Our intention is to provide our fellow collectors with a series of catalogs of awards from various eras and countries in order to help them catalog their decorations in the exciting world of military collecting.



Orders and medals of Yugoslavia

The orders and medals of Yugoslavia are a very interesting field of phaleristics and at the same time unknown to many collectors. In this section you can find information and images of these decorations.


Order of the Yugoslavian Star


Order of Freedom


Order of People's hero


Order of socialist work



orden de la libertad yugoslavia




Order of people's liberation


Order of the Flag


Order of the War Flag


Order of the Partisan Star

orden_de_la_liberacion_nacional orden_de_la_bandera_de_yugoslavia orden_de_la_bandera_de_guerra 20220816_183321


Order of the Republic


Order of People's merits


Order of Brotherhood and Unity


Order of People's Army

orden_de_la_republica 20220816_183551_1 20220816_183511 20211105_121154


Order of Work


Order of Military Merit


Order of Bravery

Orden del trabajo 20210419_161449 20220816_183804  




Medal of bravery


Medal of people´s merits


Medal of Labour


Medal for military merits

20200423_184527 20200429_184628 e_1902 yugoslavia-medal-military-merit-sfrj_1_19637f0b43c13bc92404ab7552011769_1


Medal for military virtues


Medal for merits


Conmemorative medal of the partisans of 1941

01150013a-600x1018 s-l1600_1 1024px-Spomenica_1941  


"Death to fascism, freedom to the people" Medal


"10 Years of Yugoslav Army" Medal


"20 Years of Yugoslav People's Army" Medal


"30 Years of Yugoslav People's Army" Medal

freedom_to_peopl_5241bb0d4cf50 s-l400_1 YU302a yu146b


"40 Years of Yugoslav People's Army" Medal


"50 Years of Yugoslav People's Army" Medal


"30 Years of Victory over

Fascism" Medal


Distinguished Marksman Medal

YU291a yu146a s-l500_1 YU253a


Medal for the participants of President Tito's Visit to India and Burma of 1954–1955


Medals of the Association of Yugoslav Fighters in the International Brigades in Spain

img_045409b6c5cfc18 d_3455_1