Soviet technic-lieutenant 37 Tanks regiment, researched group

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Description: technic-lieutenant 37 Tanks regiment, researched group, including copies of Russian Military Archive and the complete translation to english.

-Awards book

 -Order of Patriotic War 2nd Class, number 27.237, silver, awarded because "Comrade Loktionov conscientiously dealt with the execution of orders and carried them out qualitatively and on time, evacuated and restored 10 tanks, 7 of them M3S and M3A, dismounted 18 M3L tanks and rebuilt M3L tank # 5050 under enemy fire and this tank had been rated as irreversible loss of 184 tank regiment.

In addition, under fire from enemy mortars and machine guns, he rebuilt 5 M3L tanks at elevation 49.9 along with Borok, 5 tanks during the fighting from March 15 to 17, 1943. "

-Order of Red Star, number: 507.894, silver, awarded because "Comrade Loktionov during the fighting from February 1 to 4, 1944, side of () and () was brave and valiant, he did a great job of evacuation and restoration of the combat material assets of the unit, Comrade Loktionov worked day and night without rest and guaranteed the availability for combat of the tanks. Under his leadership 5 tanks were evacuated and repaired. "

A genuine combat soviet WWII researched group!!

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