Soviet sergeant of security company of the General Staff of 68th Army, researched group

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Description: Soviet sergeant of security company of the General Staff of 68th Army, he fought in the Stalingrad front, Königsberg and Manchurian front, researched group, including copies of Russian Military Archive and the complete translation to english. 

-Awards book

 -Medal of Valour, number 581.525, awarded in 1943 ·"comrade Melikaev is fighting from the first days of the Patriotic War aganist the germans. Melikaev was in combat many times, he distinguished himself in the combat near Kremichky, near Nikolaev, where he replaced the messenger, under machine gun and mortars fire he delivered the orders of the commander, as a result of his previous work as messenger, the later attack of tanks and infantry of the enemy aganist the General Staff nº48 was rejected, saving the General Staff.

During his service in the security company comrade Melikaev showed himself as a disciplined, vigilant and accomplished combatant. He fought in the defense of Stalingrad, being awarded with the medal of the Defense of Stalingrad, he distinguished in the combats for the Dovrovino station, where under the fire of a armoured train, machine guns fire comrade Melikaev delivered the orders to the tankers about the chance of the direction of the tanks attack. He participated in the attack with the tanks, he is valiant and decided in combat." 

 -Medal of Military Merit, number 2.847.321, awarded in 1945, "comrade Melikaev participated in the combats of the Patriotic War. Being in the defense of the General Staff of the Army, comrade Melikaev served with dignity, he is in his position at night and during the day he work as messenger, he has a series of thanks from the Military Council of the Army and from the comamnder of the company. During the military actions aganist the japanese aggressors, he never leave his service, as a result in his position no incident happened. He dominate and know perfectly his weapon"

-Capture of Königsberg medal, with award document.

-Victory over Japan medal, with award document.

-Defense of Stalingrad medal

A genuine combat soviet WWII researched group!!

All the decorations are included in the group, all made in silver, in very good condition.

This item is guaranteed as original, any question, contact us.

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