Soviet "1st Guards Cavalry Division" private, researched group

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Description: Soviet "1st Guards Cavalry Division" private, researched group, including copies of Russian Military Archive and the complete translation to english. 

-Awards book

-Valor Medal, number 2.619.686, "on August 1944, while repulsing a counterattack, the enemy reached our position. Comrade Dudnik killed 2 german submachine gunners during the counterattack and therefore allowed the battery to move into a safer position.

-Valor Medal, number 3.502.690, "on April 24, 1945, while fighting near Berlin, the assistant loader went offline (killed or wounded). Dudnik replaced the assistant loaders position and therefore the cannon was able to keep firing. The cannon destroyed up to 15 german soldiers, hit one APC and suppressed 3 machine guns. 

A genuine combat soviet WWII researched group!!

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